Enhanced Security Program
PCI: Protecting Businesses & Consumers
Ensuring that credit card numbers are protected maintains trust with consumers
and helps protect businesses from criminals trying to steal valuable data. Not
only is it good business to comply with data security standards - it is mandatory.
Think about all the ways you protect your business today...
Is there something missing?
There is another important asset
that must be safeguarded.
To better protect businesses, consumers and the integrity of the payment
system, the major card brands have defined a set of requirements called the
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
Why are you required to validate
PCI compliance annually?
Fraudsters like him are increasingly
targeting small businesses.
It's about more than protecting data.
It's about protecting your business.
The fines, operational expenses and reputational
damage that result from a breach can really add
up. Often times, small business owners are
forced to close shop.
A data breach could
easily exceed $50K for
a business owner.
Although fraudsters have started eyeing easier
targets - often small businesses - PCI compliance
practices, combined with financial breach
protection and security scans, can protect your
financial data... and your bottom line.
How to achieve PCI compliance.
All merchants are required to provide a certificate of compliance in order to meet the
requirements of the card brands. You must complete and submit a Self-Assessment
Questionnaire (SAQ) annually.

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